Paper Fashions!

Hello artybaker here! A few weeks ago I got a new book called Paper Fashions (some friends had it and we thought it looked cool)! Sophofbread and pteroturtle have one each too, although sophofbread’s is Paper Fashions Yesterday (making outfits from historical periods), pteroturtle’s is the origanal and mine is Paper Fashions Fancy (making posh outfits like wedding dresses and dresses for movie stars).

The book comes with 3 pages of stencils, lots of patterned paper, a small pot of glue, ribbons, teeny hangers and some jewels, sequins and beads. The book itself is made up mostly of tips on how to make your outfits and pictures of example outfits. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and would rate it 10/10! Although I do think that in one of the boooks there should be some male clothing, in Fancy it is all skirts apart from one pair of trousers! I mean what if you wanted to make a bride and groom?

Here is a picture of the book (please note that there was sequins and ribbon in the front but I have taken them out) and a picture of some of the outfits I have made so far….


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Words within a word, search…

sophofbread here

Recently we have been doing this game where you choose any word and the challenge is to see how many words you can make out of the letters that are there. For example, if the word was remainder you could use 2 r’s,2 e’s,m,a,i,n or d to make any word that is in the English dictionary.

First of all we did altogether.
mumlovesearlgrey got 59 words!
artybaker got 35 words!
And I got 33 words!

Currently we are doing remainder.

This game is really fun and easy to play. All you need is a pen or pencil and something to write on! We pick a word and then leave it for about a day so we can all think and then we count our scores the next day.

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Paper Mache Models!

Hi artybaker here 🙂 . Since 2010 I have been making paper mache models as Christmas presents for our extended family. Then, in 2012 I started making special edition models for birthday presents. Here are some photos of the Christmas models:

P1030048P1050550 The snowmen were Christmas presents for 2010.

The penguins were Christmas presents for 2011.

The reindeers and santas were both Christmas presents for 2012.

This is what the models look like when they are not decorated:P1050555

Here are some photos of the female Middlesbrough football player special edition model I made for sophofbread and the manatee (a seal-like sea creature) special edition model I made for mumlovesearlgrey…


The models are all handmade by me. They are made of newspaper and water (I used to use PVA glue mixed with the water but then I realised that I could make them by shredding the newspaper and soaking it in the water to save the glue), then I use tissue paper and paint to colour them. The eyes are  always googly eyes and some of the models have arms but some don’t; the snowmens’ arms are made of twigs as are the reindeers’ antlers. To name a few I have made; two football players, a rugby player, a sheep, a dog, an owl, a sailor, Tin Tin (a comic book character), two cats, a guinea pig and Winnie the Pooh.

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Today we played another number game! But today pteroturtle played with us! Rummikub is not equations it’s just getting groups and runs kind of like Rummy (the card game). Here is a picture of the table (not finished because I didn’t get a picture of the finished game before pteroturtle and artybaker tidied it up!)


And the rankings were:

1st: artybaker

2nd: sophofbread

3rd: pteroturtle

4th: mumlovesearlgrey

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sophofbread here. Me, mumlovesearlgrey and artybaker just played a game of Smath for the first time. It’s really fun! I won (of course) with 229 points. artybaker got 2nd with 183 points and mumlovesearlgrey got 107 points. Here’s a picture of the finished board…


Smath is just like scrabble but with numbers and equtions instead of letters and words.