Paper Mache Models!

Hi artybaker here 🙂 . Since 2010 I have been making paper mache models as Christmas presents for our extended family. Then, in 2012 I started making special edition models for birthday presents. Here are some photos of the Christmas models:

P1030048P1050550 The snowmen were Christmas presents for 2010.

The penguins were Christmas presents for 2011.

The reindeers and santas were both Christmas presents for 2012.

This is what the models look like when they are not decorated:P1050555

Here are some photos of the female Middlesbrough football player special edition model I made for sophofbread and the manatee (a seal-like sea creature) special edition model I made for mumlovesearlgrey…


The models are all handmade by me. They are made of newspaper and water (I used to use PVA glue mixed with the water but then I realised that I could make them by shredding the newspaper and soaking it in the water to save the glue), then I use tissue paper and paint to colour them. The eyes are  always googly eyes and some of the models have arms but some don’t; the snowmens’ arms are made of twigs as are the reindeers’ antlers. To name a few I have made; two football players, a rugby player, a sheep, a dog, an owl, a sailor, Tin Tin (a comic book character), two cats, a guinea pig and Winnie the Pooh.

Thank you for reading!


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