Hiroshima – the 5 w’s…and a h!


Just wanted to let you know about a cool little activity I did today. It involves taking a historical period (I choose the Hiroshima bomb) and writing the who, what, where, when, why and how. Here’s one I made earlier 😉

hiroshima 5w 1h

You could do more or less info than I included, this is just how much I felt like doing (do I have to say how much I LOVE home education!)

I was thinking after I’d done this, while sitting out in the garden in the glorious sunshine, about what I had learnt or taken from this exercise – why do we even learn about past happenings? they’ve happened so what. And I’ve decided that for 1 it’s extremely interesting to find out what happened before we were born and 2 we should study these things so that we can stop them from happening again. I think that Hiroshima was a good thing in the sense that it ended ww2; who knows how many more people could have died if it wasn’t dropped but when you think about how many people died. Nobody likes war – lets learn from our mistakes and take interest in the past.

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