Cleaning coins!

Yesterday, me (artybaker) and pteroturtle polished our 1ps and 2ps with……………. ketchup!! It’s really effective! But I can’t find out why! If you know please tell me in the comments. Thanks! We found out about this method a long time ago but I can’t remember how, today we just thought we would do it again. This is how we got on…….

First, we went on a money hunt around the house, looking for pennies lying around. Then we put them on a tray and spread ketchup over one side of them (well, I did. Pteroturtle thought this part was too gross). Here’s a photo:


You then have to leave them for a couple of minutes and then rinse the ketchup off. When we did this stage it felt like a factory, because I was rinsing the coins then I would pass them to pteroturtle, who would dry them and put them on the side.

Next, you do the same with the other side of the coins and just look at the difference! (left: coin polished with ketchup. right: ordinary coin.)P1060762  Thanks for reading!


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