Owl at Night Painting

P1050343 edit

Hey, artybaker here. Above is a picture of a painting I finished yesterday (just in time for me to keep up my new resolution of doing at least one post a week – the last post being last Tuesday). I got inspiration for this ages ago when I went into the garden in my pyjamas at I think around 9pm-ish to put our rabbit Biscuits back in his house after a long day in the Run. I looked up at the sky and saw a beautiful starry stretch of navy-blue-ness. Then I randomly decided to lie down on the ground and do some stargazing. The more I looked the more I could see. I’m pretty sure I saw the Plough (otherwise known as The Big Dipper or the Saptarishi) constellation. But anyway, after about 20 minutes of looking at the stars I went back inside and decided that I wanted to do a painting (one of my hobbies) of a starry sky. The image in my head was of an owl in a tree in front of a starry sky with a cosy little house in the background and I think it turned out pretty much the way I wanted it…

I did this painting on a 30 x 30cm (12 x 12in) canvas with my acrylic paints, although the stars were done with an oil pastel. It took me three separate sessions to do it, probably about 3 and a half hours in total. I tried to add texture to the sky and tree especially but I think it probably could have done with a bit more. After the paint on the tree had dried I scratched it  vertically with my fingernails – which I though was a pretty cool idea. I think that I probably should have done darker colours on the house – maybe I should have even made it a silhouette – and the owl is bit more pink than I was planning it to be. I did draw the Plough in stars early on in the process of adding stars but it has now been lost (maybe I slightly overdid it with the amount of stars!), even I cant see where it was!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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