How I organize my home-education (ie. life)…

I would be the first to admit that I’m not the most organized person! I live life as it comes and my bedside table is a massive pile of rubbish. Recently I have realised that my lack of organisation is leading to me forgetting about certain projects and not working on them for weeks (and sometime months) at a time. So here are a few methods for organizing my stuff; some I have used since we started home-educating and some I have only recently started. See we’re always learning.

First I will tell you about the sort of resources I use:

  • Textbooks – I don’t use many textbooks and I am very flexible (pick and mix the best of different one) but I do have a few  such as:  An old maths book published in 1984!  This one is a challenge and often me and mum come away from working on this one with only one puzzle done and a headache. The harder the better 😉 and an I.C.T GSCE revision book.
  • Lapbooks – If you have read my about page then you will know I love lapbooks. They are an excellent way to display information and they are really fun to make.
  • The Internet – Perhaps the best resource of all. Although you can’t beat a good book!
  • Books – I’ve already mentioned textbooks but books can cover all sorts of things from non-fiction books about the tiniest portion of an atom to picture books about penguins.
  • People – Although I don’t really need to organize them!

I will leave it there although I could go into more detail. So, how do I organize all these things?

First up, my green box. A 35cm(length) x 24cm(width)x 17cm(depth) plastic box in which I keep my pencil case, some project folders, the lapbooks I’m in the middle of and most projects or loose bits of paper.

Secondly, we recently set up some trays for projects we’re currently working on (although I just keep my maths folder in it because it’s too thick to fit in my box.)

Thirdly, we tried joy lists to write down our hobbies/projects but I found that a physical, colorful approach was much more useful to me so I have done two things. 1. I wrote all my projects/hobbies down in a VERY colourful spider graph; this was good at showing my projects in a vague fashion but it needed more detail so; 2. I took an A5 display book and put a different project on each page. I’m still working on this but it’s coming together nicely.

Again, I could go on but this post has been long enough. Hopefully I’ve not left anything to important off!


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