Stepping out into the blogosphere

Hey there lovely blogosphere. I’m quite nervous as I write this as this is my first post. My lovely daughters, Sophofbread and Artybaker have been doing a wonderful job of building up this blog and they have both been requesting my presence here for some time. For so long I have had the best of intentions to spend some time really writing (you know, more than the shopping list) on a regular basis and have been meaning to write that first post here for ages – I have so many ideas and have even started some drafts but actually taking that step to complete a post and hit that publish button has so far alluded me…until now. The scrumbly little Plumblepie is currently sleeping and my lovely boy Pteroturtle and I have had a little bit of time ‘mining’ and ‘crafting’ so now this has to be the time that I actually step out into the blogosphere.

I am taking inspiration from the Flylady and letting go of my perfectionism – if there are mistakes in this post then I apologise as I am trying hard not to get hung up on the tiny details and see the big picture – I have procrastinated long enough and now is the time to join this party. In future posts I would love to reflect on how Flylady has had a positive impact on our lives (just as a little aside if you have not yet been introduced to the wisdom of FLYing you might want to visit her and her crew at – it is so much more than a home organisation tool but more of that later!). In draft at the moment and soon to be published depending on how much time I can muster up are some posts on the myths around home education we have encountered and a summary of my personal home ed ‘toolkit’.

I am looking forward to building up my writing habit and pondering on all things ‘home-ed’ – as my personal Zen master Sophofbread will no doubt point out to me if I don’t mention it myself…this could have no bounds! And for now I am out of time, Plumblepie is back with us wide awake and ready to play so I shall leave it here. Have a wonderful rest of today and enjoy wherever you are…


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