Holiday Quiz

Hey! About three weeks ago I did a post on the Fashion Quiz I made (to view it you can either click the quiz tag at the bottom of this post and it will be below this post, click the category: artybaker’s posts and scroll down until you reach it or scroll down on this page until you reach it) and I mentioned that I was going to do one on where would be the perfect holiday destination for you, so here it is! I was hoping to get this quiz done before the Fashion Quiz post disappeared from the list of recent posts at the top of the home page but too late! I think I prefer this one to the fashion one but mumlovesearlgrey did point out that the fashion quiz had a comedy aspect and this one doesn’t and I agree with that. Here’s a photo…



I got mostly a)s but I would choose c) – Canada as my ideal holiday, although I definitely don’t want to try skiing!

Thanks for reading!


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