Top Ten Science Videos on YouTube…


I haven’t done a post in AGES :0 duh duh DUHHHHH. Let’s fix that.

Oh and I’m sharing artybaker’s resolution for one post a week. Starting now.

So things to note before we start the list (basically it’s a list before a list). 1. I don’t own these videos, all credit goes to the makers! and 2. This is my opinion and I can’t possibly watch all the videos on YouTube, there are plenty of other great videos out there!

So without further a do let’s start the list…

10. The New Periodic Table Song (in order) AsapScience

It’s all in the name.

9. Slow Motion vs. Time-lapse photography Earth Unplugged

What if you could watch a video with both slow-motion (where time is slowed down) AND time-lapse photography (where time it sped up)  at the same time? Wouldn’t that be so cool! Well, click the link above and you can. 🙂 

8. What is electricity? (Are You Gonna Be My Girl?) Veritasium

A cover of ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet where the lyrics are about electricity!

7.  What if the Earth were Hollow? minutephysics

What if there were a tunnel through the middle of the earth and you jumped in? Henry explores this subject with the help of Michael from Vsauce.

6.  Why did the chicken cross the road?Vsauce

This is a pretty in depth way of looking at the old joke. Classic Vsauce.

5. Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000 fps  SmarterEveryDay

This is really awesome. Awesome Slow-Mo, some great people and clear explanations.

4. Epic Slow-Mo Drum Implosions Veritasium

Head Squeeze also did this; make sure you watch both videos.

3. What Color Is A Mirror? Vsauce

Love the Intro.

2.  How to make glass completely invisible – Live Experiments Head Squeeze

Everyone in our family is fascinated by this video and we are planning to do the experiment eventually the only reason this isn’t number 1 is…

1. What if the sun disappeared? Vsauce

… This video just beats it because I think every kid wonders what would happen if we didn’t have the sun (I know pteroturtle asks that particular question a lot!) and Michael explains it in his usual manner. Informative, Entertaining and Awesome.

All these channels are great but I would particularly advise you to check out Vsauce and Head Squeeze! If you don’t want to keep hopping from tab to tab here’s a playlist of all the videos in this post. Hope you enjoyed and see you next week!


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