Bird House (:>)

Hi there! This is artybaker and today I’ve got a post for you about a bird house I made.  To make my resolution for one post a week easier to stick to, I’ve told myself to do one post every Monday. So let’s get on with it! (Oh and if you’re wondering what that thing is beside the title, it’s meant to be a bird on it’s side).

The idea to make a bird house came to me a few months ago when I was reading a book about nature that mumlovesearlgrey had recommended to me. I can’t believe it’s actually taken me this long to get it finished, time flies when you’re putting off stuff! Dad has been helping me make it but we didn’t really do our research before starting and we missed out a few probably quite important steps… But we did sort of squeeze them in at the end.

I started with a long flat plank of wood and sawed it into 5 different sized pieces; the front had a hole in for the birds to enter. Then I sanded the edges and we (me and dad) screwed them all together into the shape of a bird house. Next I painted it with wood-protector-paint-thing and dad put a waterproof cover on the top for extra water protection. We then read that bird houses should have a hinged lid for autumn cleaning and to check which birds you have inside (if any!). We hadn’t done this so we un-screwed the base and made it a trap door. But don’t worry! It is secure so the birds won’t just fall out!  We also read that it should have draining holes in the bottom, in case water gets inside. So dad drilled some holes in it (I was too busy baking!). Here are some pictures…



Dad scratched the inside to help the chicks climb out…


We put it up above the shed door but we haven’t had any bird visitors yet. I decided not to put anything inside to keep the birds warm because I thought if they see it they might think that it’s already occupied, but I don’t know if they will or not. Here are some tips if you are planning to make a bird house:

  • Paint your bird house with waterproof paint, but leave the wood surrounding the hole bare, so that the birds aren’t harmed if they decide to peck around the hole to make it bigger.
  • Do not paint the inside of the box.
  • Drill drainage holes in the base.
  • Hinge the lid or base so that you can clean out the box every September.
  • Scratch the inside of the box below the hole so that the baby birds can climb out.
  • Do not disturb the box too much if it does become occupied, you might scare the birds away.
  • Put up the box at least 1 and a half metres from the ground; to help keep cats away.

Thanks for reading! My next post will be about baking, something chocolate-y I wonder……?


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