Does Salt Stop Water Freezing? Part 1

Hey blog readers!

This is one of those on the spot, no idea how this will turn out kind of experiment! I was in the kitchen and suddenly this experiment popped into my head. The idea is this: If salt can melt ice on roads then can it stop water freezing?

Step 1.

Take 4 pots and put cooking salt in one, ground sea salt in another, coarse sea salt in the third and nothing in the last one.


Step 2.

Pour 80 ml of water (cold) in every pot.


P1060049 P1060048

Note the salt didn’t dissolve; that’s part 2.

Step 3.

Place the four pots in the freezer for 2 1/2 hours.


The temperature our freezer was on wasP1060051


These are the results I got; if you got different results than I did leave a comment down below. There are plenty of variables that could change (the main being the water to salt ratio).

  • All the different salty waters (including the one with no salt) had frozen.
  • The plain ice block was completely solid.
  • The salty ice blocks all had small amounts of water on top as if the ice blocks had melted slightly.
  • The 4 different pots all froze as different colours.
  • The plain water ice block stuck to the tea towel but all the salty ones didn’t.
  • The plain water ice block was a lot slippery than the salty ones.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part two where we will be using boiling water instead of cold water!


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