Does Salt Stop Water Freezing? Part Two

Hello blog readers,

sophofbread here. I’m back with the second part of my salt freezing experiment. This time with boiling water… To read part one click here

So the water temperature and the stirring was the only thing that changed this time. The pots were the same, there was the same amount of salt/water, the freezer was on the same temperature and they were in the freezer for the same amount of time. In Part 1 I used cold water from the tap; this time I used water from the kettle (left to cool slightly, not much, for approximately 2mins) Here is a picture of the different salt pots after adding the water and stirring 5 full turns.

P1060715 P1060714

Here are some pictures from after the pots had been in the freezer for 2 1/2 hrs

P1060763P1060764 P1060765 P1060766P1060768

Here are the results:

  • At first all the different ice blocks looked the same in their pots as they did last time. The salty water ones had a bit of water on the top of the blocks and the plain water block was fully frozen.
  • The cooking salt one was almost a liquid when I poured it out of the pot
  • The coarse sea salt had the shell intact but the middle was all water
  • The ground sea salt was slightly melted
  • The plain water was very smooth and completely frozen

In this experiment I tried to keep as many of the variables the same as I could but some things might have changed. If you tried this experiment and got a different result leave a comment. 🙂

There’s one more thing I wanted to mention; a few weeks ago we had a water play session (basically a big box of water on the dining room table to play with) and we were mixing salt and water then. artybaker had a plastic bag with food colouring and salt in, then she put it in the freezer and a few weeks later it still HASN’T frozen! : 0 So we are stumped! Was it just because she put more salt to water than I did or is there something in the food colouring that stops the water from freezing? If that was true than why did mumlovesearlgrey’s iceblocks which were simply water and food colouring freeze?  To test this, yesterday I put a small pot of half water and half salt in the freezer and this morning the salt was at the bottom (note: it was cold water) half the water was still water and half was a very soft slushy ice, the ice was floating. I then had a closer look at artybaker’s bag of water and noticed that the salt had clumped together like ice does when you walk on it. 

Very interesting!  Thanks for reading this very confusing post.


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