A story I’m writing…

Hi, It’s been AGES since my last post so that’s my promise for one post a week out of the window! It was the combined problem of 2 things that stopped me writing a post. 1, Christmas; Christmas is always busy and this year was no different and 2, ideas or lack of. I had no idea what my next post would be about. But now xmas is over and artybaker has given me a few ideas, here is my post. Hope you enjoy…

For the last two years I have been planning and writing a story which I am still working on. It tells the tale of Danny Weller who is THE top dog in the town where he lives, West Street. Everyone is afraid of him even the teachers. It’s a series and in the first book Danny gets contacted by T.R.A.P- The Real Assasination Program. If he wants to join he has to complete a mission. You’ve had all the tales of good kid spies but Danny is a long way from good. See the story from another side…  Contains scenes of violence some people may find disturbing.

Here is a extract from the first book. ————————————————————————————–

The thing that Danny noticed first of all was the desk, bigger than his at home (and that was saying something) and the man behind the desk who had brilliant blue eyes, an evil grin and, Danny stared at it, a SILVER hand!?!

“Hello Danny, I’m Silver. I see you’ve met Rich.” The man who Danny now knew to be called Rich bowed at Silver and left the room. Even though Danny disliked Rich and he was obviously friends with Silver, Danny felt very alone as Rich left the room. “I see you got my letter, I have a bit of explaining to do don’t I Danny.”

“Yeh!” Danny grunted.

“Cheer up, Dan we’re on the same side, you and me!” Danny snorted and hastily tried to turn it into a cough. Silver raised his eyebrows. “What side is that then?” Danny asked. Silver who had now stood up, walked around the desk and motioned for Danny to sit down. “We are…” whispered Silver, “TRAP,

t, r, a, p, The Real Assassination Programme. You are our newest member!” Danny stared at Silver, this man was mad. What was he on about traps and assassination? “So,” Danny started, rather nervously, “Tell me more about this – TRAP business.”

“Well…” Silver replied grinning at Danny, “The organisation of Butterflies, yes they really are as stupid as their name were really getting on the highest lord’s nerves and so he created TRAP. The programme is all about assassinating members of butterflies so us ‘bad’ guys can rule the world in peace – well that’s the gist of it anyway.” Danny stared, he didn’t know what it was about TRAP but Danny was strangely attracted to the idea. “So The Butterflies are…?”

“A load of idiots who are committed to ‘saving the world’ in their words, they fight against bullying, theft, crime, drugs, murder, pollution and us in the main.”

“I see!” Danny replied and he did, it sounded as though The Butterflies were something he and his family should be worrying about, he did not want any prancy nancy people coming and taking West Street away from him. He was nothing without his power and … his pride.


If you would like to hear some more please leave a comment. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed, sophofbread


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