My Beading

This post is the sort of thing artybaker would write about! Actually the stuff I used all belongs to her! So lets begin, recently I have been doing some beading. I have been getting my ideas from this book…

IMG_0735  100 BEADED Flowers, Trinkets and Charms by Amanda Brooke and Murr-Hinson. I haven’t actually read any of it I just look at the pictures which are very clear. Here are some of the others things I have been using –  A pack of 8 different colored beads, some Trimits beading wire and a beading rug (which I haven’t got any pictures of but is basically an A4 piece of felt to stop the beads rolling every where).


artybaker made a bracelet and then left all the things on the table. I saw it and was intrigued! I quickly had a riffle through the book and saw these which took be about me about half an hour to make, which I was quite proud of. It’s a bunch of bananas.IMG_0738

Here are some of the other things I’ve made… IMG_0740  IMG_0741IMG_0742IMG_0744 IMG_0745IMG_0746 I also made another ring; that one was yellow with a blue jewel but that was too small for my fingers so I gave it to plumblepie – she lost it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick post, I will be making some more things so there may be another beading post soon. Thanks for reading, sophofbread.


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