Goodreads Reading Challenge

“And tell them all about the books you’ve read. Better still, buy some more books and read them. That’s an order. You can never read too many books. ”

Hello everyone,

That quote was from a book I have just finished reading – The Akhenaten Adventure (Children of the Lamp #1) by P.B. Kerr. It’s a great book and I highly recommend it. The last post on this blog was artybaker’s Books, Books, Books post and as we all love books here at home-ed heads I thought it would flow nicely into a post about Goodreads, specifically a post about the Goodreads reading challenge.

The Goodreads reading challenge is a very satisfying way to challenge yourself to read a number of books in a year (the great thing about it is that you pick how many you read). This is my second year and last year I decided to read 50 books and I read 60! This year I am challenging myself to read 50 again because I have narrowed down what I’m allowing myself to count as a book. Last year I read ‘I’m not Santa’ to plumblepie which is a 10 page picture book and I counted that (oops!). artybaker has challenged herself to read 36 (which is 3 a month) and mumlovesearlgrey has challenged herself to read 15 books. At the time of writing I have read 9 of 50 which means I’m 6 books ahead of schedule.

The most satisfying thing about the challenge, I think, is how it looks. On your goodreads homepage (when logged in) you see this snippet

goodread ss 2

and when you click on view challenge and then view books you can see the covers of all the books you have read so far. You can decide whether to count a book on your challenge by setting the date read, if you leave that blank then it won’t count towards your goal. Capture

There are lots of other things to do on Goodreads such as:

  • Taking/creating quizzes on all your favourite books
  • Read/write reviews on all sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction, ‘I’m not Santa’ to ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare’.
  • Join online book groups
  • Discuss books you have read/want to read
  • Find great quotes
  • Make/read lists (e.g. Books people should read at least once, Good Cook Books)
  • Get book recommendations

To get you started I have tried to come up with some great books from some different genres.

Children – Switched (My Sister the Vampire #1) by Sienna Mercer (If you have read and enjoyed this series or Sienna Mercer’s other series, My Brother the Werewolf, then you may like to join artybaker and me at our book club on goodreads – My Sibling the Mythical Being)
Young Adults – The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride #1) by James Patterson
Dystopian – Gone (Gone #1) by Micheal Grant
Cookery – Step by Step Baking by Caroline Bretherton
History – The Story of Britain by Patrick Dillon and P.J. Lynch
Science Fiction – Spy in Space (Scott Saunders #1) by Patrick Moore
Ebooks – James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing (James Potter #1) by G. Norman Lippert
Sports – Up Pohnpei by Paul Watson
Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it will inspire you to read some more books this year. Thanks for reading,

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