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sophofbread here, today I have decided to do a post on the names of different infant animals. None of the photos in this post are mine and they have been used in accordance with the Creative Commons License. I have included a link to the photos on flickr – please check out these peoples photo streams – there are some amazing photos. Also a lot of infant animals can be called a few different things and for some of them there is no official name, if you think any of the information below is incorrect please comment…

Did you know that a baby dog is called a pup or a puppy? I’m sure most of you did BUT did you know that shark, seal, dolphin and fox babies are all called pups as well!


by Carmen Rodriguez

What about kittens? Baby cats, rabbits, mice and squirrels are kittens and a baby beaver is a kit.


by Pen Waggener

A baby cow is a calf right? Yes, but so are baby *takes deep breath* bison, camel, giraffe, hippo, manatee, ox, rhino, walrus, dolphin, antelope, deer, elephant and moose.


by Steve Wilson

What animal springs to mind when I say cub? Lion? How about Aardvark, Giant Pandas or Raccoon? As well as these 4, some other animals whose babies are called cubs are; cheetahs, leopards, badgers, raccoons, minks, polar bears, foxes, bears and tigers.


by Sharon Sipple

So far I have covered pups/puppies, kittens, calves, and cubs. Cute but not cute enough! Check this out…

Codfish – codling <— ahhhhhhhhhhh

Eagle – eaglet   Eagletby Tim Kaufman

Owl – owlet   Owletby Kevin Cole

Duck – duckling   Ducklingby Berit Watkin

That was just a few of the many species out there.  If you know any more cute or interesting animal baby names please leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really enjoyed researching and writing it. I am going to do another post soon about animal groups (Did you know a group of swallows is called a gulp?)


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