When Insanity becomes Normal.

Hey guys,

I didn’t do this on purpose but it’s exactly a month since my/our last post. Kind of awesome but MOSTLY extremely disappointing. Where’s the time flown? Todays post is a bit different and it will probably be quite short. All I really want to do is point out a video on YouTube which I think is extremely interesting… The owner is MinutePhysics.

I was talking to mum about this and she was saying that she sees the similarities between this and a story she heard somewhere else on the internet about testing new medicines on people.  (The facts/numbers may not be exact) At first people would be given a new medicine and then the scientists would wait 24 hours (lets say – the number isn’t exact) till the next person would be given the drug. This leaves enough time for any side-effects to show themselves. After a while and no side-affects the drugs would be given to new people after 22 hours, then 20 hours until eventually they were leaving less than an hour between different people having the same drug. This went on for months (maybe even years) with no consequences THEN 1 of the drugs backfired hours after the person had been given the drug. They died. Sadly many other people had already been given the drug and were affected. People started questioning why the people were given the drug so close together. It had been going on for so long with no problems that insanity had become normal…

There are many things you could suddenly realise are insane that we have grown used to thinking are law. I didn’t realise (until I found out about home-education) that you didn’t have to go to school. Not that I am comparing that in ANY way to what other people are going through all other the world.

Here’s to our great life (that we should appreciate more) and good luck to Ever and everyone else in Venezuela and Ukraine.

Thanks to MinutePhysics for making that video and thanks to you for reading…



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