Anniversary Cookies!

So, since it is Home-ed Heads’ I year anniversary this week I (naturally) wanted to bake something. But, I didn’t really feel like making a cake. Feels like that’s all I bake these days. So, I thought, what to make for a birthday instead of cake??? Cookies. Everyone loves them (in this household anyway) so I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

P1080936 edit


It was quite simple really, I just didn’t put chocolate chips in the cookies, but rather on top of them in the shape of letters. Not my most creative idea, but a yummy one. When making the double chocolate cookies, I forgot to put the timer on then got distracted; rookie mistake. So that’s why they’re all burnt looking. 🙂 Luckily they still tasted nice.

Before baking:



And I had some dough left from the plain cookies, so decided to make the world’s biggest cookie (or at least a pretty big one!) . . .


Thanks for reading,

artybaker 🙂


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