The internet is back on!..

…but I don’t feel like celebrating HeH’s birthday anymore! Ah well we got a couple of nice posts done (or rather artybaker did!) Not that you care but it turns out that the internet problem was to do with the amount of devices we had connected to the wi-fi and/or what ip address they were trying to use.

Annnyway, as we recently started our 2nd year of blogging (!!!!!) I thought I would re-introduce ourselves and our blog (this is helpful to us and hopefully interesting to new readers). The home-ed heads household consists of Mum (mumlovesearlgrey), Dad, 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 rabbit. We live in the UK and we have been home-educating for almost 5 years. We started this blog to document our adventures, plus we really love the look of a nice blog (like an online diary); satisfying somehow! Our first year has had its ups and downs but here’s to the next year!

Each of us have our own page (except Dad and pteroturtle – the boys have let down the team!! :D) here…

mumlovesearlgrey, sophofbread, artybaker and plumblepie. As they don’t have their own page I thought I’d introduce the boys (they had no say in this *evil laugh*).

pteroturtle – pteroturtle is 9 years old. He loves minecraft, lego, drawing, running and star wars. He likes talking about the blog but has never done a blog post. One interesting fact about him is that he loves to build (with minecraft, lego, wood, play-dough or anything really!)

Dad – Dad loves photography and music. His favourite bands are Fugazi and Minor Threat. He’s great at DIY – things often take 3 times as long but you can guarantee they’ll be perfect when he’s done. He’s very helpful and will often go miles out of his way to fetch something for someone on his way home from work and we love him very much! 🙂

home-ed heads is in no way a perfect blog and we have great plans for it. The type of things you can expect to see here are:

  • General posts about home-education
  • Science experiments you can try at home
  • Baking posts (recipies, photos…)
  • Topical posts to do with what we’ve been studying (this could be the periodic table, the 32 times table, the life-cycle of a ladybird or anything inbetween)
  • ?Minecraft posts? (tutorials, screenshots, server reviews) <— pteroturtle’s not too sure about this yet.
  • ?Computer tutorials? <— sophofbread’s not too sure about this!
  • Book Reviews (this is a new feature sophofbread’s planning)
  • Art projects
  • and more things I’ll probably remember at 2am tommorow morning!


I hope you enjoy reading back over the last year of posts and reading the upcoming ones too. Thanks for reading,




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