What is a lapbook and why do I love them?

Hello all, ūüôā

sophofbread here. Wooooo!! Lapbooks ūüėÄ

I have mentioned lapbooks before (and even done a really bad youtube video on my maths one – lets not discuss that) but I haven’t ever gone through the process of making one. I have only ever made 1 complete lapbook; my maths reference lapbook (although I have started a few others and gave up, oops). I guess I’m a begginner at this but that doesn’t matter because there is no wrong way to make a lapbook. Yesterday, I started making an English Reference Lapbook and I thought ‘Why don’t I just blog along as I make it?’ It sounds like a great idea to me and hopefully you will enjoy! First up – what is a lapbook? Here’s a great explanation I found at this website:

A lapbook is¬†an inexpensive portfolio¬†or collection of mini-books, flaps, and folded display material,¬†that provides interactive space¬†for drawings, stories,¬†graphs, graphics,¬†timelines, diagrams,¬†and written work,¬†from any topic, unit study, book you choose,¬†gathered, glued, and creatively displayed¬†in a coloured standard sized cardboard folder,¬†often folded in a ‚Äúshutter-fold‚ÄĚ ¬†(though our family doesn‚Äôt)¬†that fits in your lap.”

The reason I love lapbooks is that they are very real. That sounds stupid but it’s true. They’re colourful, holdable, all the information is in one place, they’re fun to make, interactive (flaps, books). They are very, very awesome!

I make all the things in the lapbook myself  but there are websites with printable booklets and such. All I did yesterday was pick out a folder, stick in some card to make the flaps stretch all the way across to the other side (I prefer it this way because it gives me more space to add things, some people make it so that the lapbook opens in the middle like double doors).  Then I printed off the front cover and glued it in. Simples!


P1090144 P1090145crop


Next I’m going to make a little booklet on word classes (verb, adjective, pronoun etc.) but more on that soon.

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