Minecraft Seed Showcase – Best Seed EVER?

Hey all, 🙂

sophofbread here.

Today I bring you a Minecraft Seed Showcase. I only thought of this idea yesterday when me and pteroturtle discovered this AWESOME seed while we were looking for one to play our new survival series on. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, its a game where you can do all sorts! The basic game is one of placing and destroying blocks to build anything. The only rules are the limits of your imagination. There are also monsters you can fight and other dimensions to explore. Another aspect of the game is that you can play on servers, games such as hunger games and pvp (player vs player). There is so much to explore that I can’t tell you it all here.

Minecraft seeds are codes. You enter them in a box when you create a world and it decides what the world is like. The seed I’m showing today is amazing. About 50-100 blocks from spawn is a ravine with a stronghold and mineshaft in, as well as 15 diamonds onshow nowhere near lava! A little walk from spawn is a jungle AND snow biome next to each other. Horses and donkeys surrond the spawn and pumpkins can be found very close. Near the pumpkins is a 2nd and 3rd ravine – lots of iron!

This seed does not work in 1.7.9 but if you load in the world in 1.6 and then quit and join again in 1.7.9 the ravine is still there! That’s what me and pteroturtle did for our survival world.

Here are some screenshots of the seed. Pictures can’t show the epicness of this seed so next time you’re on minecraft try it and be amazed!


Spawn from the ground





Ravine from above



Library from Stronghold


Mineshaft and Diamonds!



More Diamonds


Jungle Biome


Jungle and Snow


Spawn from above


2nd Ravine and Donkeys




EDIT 30/06/14: Just realised I forgot to put the seed (oops!) Here it is…


Also, while I’m here me and pteroturtle have been exploring the seed even more and have discovered at least 15 more diamonds (easily the most I’ve found on any survival world), a zombie spawner,  6 enderpearls (4 in stronghold chests), 2 saddles, the end room, some dogs and ocelots! We have yet to find a desert or a nether fortress (although we only built the portal yesterday).


Thanks for reading,





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