Hama Beads!

The other day plumblepie and I re-discovered our collection of Hama Beads. It’s been a few years since I sat down and made anything out of them but very quickly I knew I was once again addicted. I made the sign of the Deathly Hallows (from Harry Potter), a small square in the colours of the rainbow and a bigger square in the colours of the Hogwart’s houses (again from Harry Potter!).

Deathly Hallows Hama Beads Rainbow Hama Beads Hogwarts Hama Beads

While I was getting inspiration from the INCREDIBLE things that people have made from Hama Beads (no seriously people are amazing – Google ‘Hama Beads’, check out the images tab and you’ll see what I mean) I stumbled upon this post from the DKL Toy’s website and found out you can actually get different sizes of Hama Beads. How cool is that? I think for now though the midi size suits us just fine. Imagine trying to pick Hama Beads a quarter of the size up off the floor.


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