Summer reading challenges.

Two of our favourite things here at Home-ed Heads are books and a challenge. What joy then to get stuck in to a good ol’ reading challenge. At the moment pteroturtle, plumblepie and I are loving these two summer reading challenges. We thought you might love them too…

The Big Friendly Read is this year’s name for the annual summer reading challenge that takes place in UK libraries.  The challenge is to read six library books during the summer holidays. You can sign up at any local library in the UK and you get a little card to record the books you have read. Our local library also has a wall display where the children can move their name across each time they read a book offering a nice visual representation of their progress. There is also a website where you can track the books you have read and get reading recommendations (sound familiar anyone?). Each time you read a book you pop along to the library, show them your card and usually there are little freebies to be had, often stickers and cards, then at the end you get a medal (pteroturtle’s favourite part, he has a fine collection) and a certificate.

We have taken part in the library summer challenge for many years now and each year look forward to seeing what the theme will be, this year they are celebrating Roald Dahl. The theme is just for their marketing purposes though and there is no need to read any particular type of books or specific author, the choice is yours!

This summer (and beyond) we are also reading our way around the world loosely inspired by the Read the World Summer Book Club. This challenge started in June but you can still access their schedule and resources, and enter to win prizes (mostly only available in the US but they do say there are a few exceptions). If you do want to enter for prizes, then you get double entries if your reading choices are taken from the book written by Jamie, one of the hosts. We don’t own the book and won’t be entering for any prizes, we just love the idea. We are using the challenge to focus in turn on different areas of the world, reading some great books but also widening out the challenge to look at some lovely poems, learn some phrases from various languages, explore the history and geography of different areas and play some games that originate from different parts of the world. Needless to say this is an ongoing project for us and we will be taking more than a week for each region of the world.

We would love to hear your book or challenge recommendations. Happy reading!


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