Make your own Lego advent calendars.


Lego is a big hit in this house and we have lots of it! We have bought Lego advent calendars before and am sure we will again, but last year Pteroturtle, Plumblepie and I decided to try something new. We made our own Lego advent calendar.



We had lots of fun making this and it made a cute decoration. Santa made his way along the path one day at a time and Plumblepie knew just where to put him so he would be ready for December the 1st…


We have to thank Sarah from frugalfunforboysandgirls for this idea. She has so many great posts that we go back to again and again, they are big Lego fans too. We also attempted her fab tree calendar but can’t find the photos just now.

Apologies for the poor quality of these pictures but as I could find these ones I thought I would share them with you. I just couldn’t resist posting that one with Plumblepie (she loves to suck that thumb!).

Wishing you all lots of fun and many happy times playing with Lego!



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