P is for Plumblepie and for pasta and pink and Picasso and park… (you get the idea!)

That lovely Plumblepie is now four years old and she loves learning about letters. Her love for the letter P is infectious so together we have been exploring all things P..

  • We have played lots.. (I should point out right here and now that we do believe this learning lark should all be fun and play and everything that follows is playing really!)
  • Plumblepie has been practising writing her own name (it’s not actually Plumblepie but does begin with P).
  • We have drawn the letter P many times and decorated it with foil and tissue paper and coloured paper and stickers and so many other things…
  • We made pink Ps and purple Ps.
  • We painted lots of pictures.
  • We photocopied many things.
  • We ate pasta and pineapple and pizza and plums.
  • We sorted pasta into shapes.
  • We made patterns with Lego and duplo and stickers and numicons and building blocks and pegs and so many other things..
  • We had a picnic in the park and played on the playground (there have been many parks, many playgrounds and many picnics!)
  • We have read many books (some featuring poetry and bears called Pooh and Paddington, a park keeper called Percy and a postman called Pat)
  • We played with lots of jigsaw puzzles (some featuring a pig called Peppa and that postman again)
  • We watched tv programmes with pigs and postmen and park keepers in!
  • We walked to the post office and posted some letters.
  • We made potions in the bath.
  • We played with play-dough.
  • We planted in the garden (well, sophofbread and artybaker did with Plumblepie’s help).
  • We made peg puppets and paper plate pigs.
  • We made a Peppa card for a cousin’s birthday.
  • We watched the CBeebies Prom.
  • We saw how pasta is made in ‘Do you know?’, (a fab new show on CBeebies)
  • We watched Stampy’s Wonder Quest series and found out lots about planets.
  • We listened to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ (slightly stretching it here I know but this is all about having fun and widening our horizons, and Plum is one of our favourite things!)
  • We looked at pictures by Picasso.

Of course, we did lots of other things both starting with P and with all the other letters in the alphabet too. But I am really enjoying spending some special time on individual letters of the alphabet, it offers some boundaries to what could be endless internet searching for new fun activities and focuses the mind on what would be cool to strew next.


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