Taking exams as a private candidate? Last date to enter for summer exams fast approaching.

Please note that the following information relates specifically to the UK.

Private candidates wishing to take GCSE, iGCSE or A’Level exams this summer need to get their exam entries in quick. The date set by the exam boards for entries, without incurring ‘late fees’, is the 21st February 2017. Exam centres need to get paperwork and payments to the exam boards on or before this date. This means that centres will require entry forms and payment from candidates even earlier.

Individual exam centres set their own dates by which they need to receive entries – these will vary but are likely to be two or three weeks earlier than the date set by the exam boards (i.e. very soon).

So if you want to take any exams this summer and haven’t got around to entering yet then make sure you get in touch with your chosen exam centre. Check when they need payment and get that paperwork filled out fast. Late entries will incur additional charges, or ‘late fees’. As we get closer to exam time there will be a further increase in the cost of entries. ‘Very late fees’ come into force on the 17th April for CiE and the 21st April for other boards.

It may still be possible to enter for the summer exams as late as a week before the timetable begins. But be warned not all exam boards accept very late entries and the cost of ‘extremely late fees’ can be as much as three times the standard fee.

Are you taking exams this year? Do you have any questions about exams and home education?

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Home-made thank you cards

Home-made cards are so lovely. They offer an opportunity to express our creativity and personalise the cards we send out to family and friends. We had a great time making our Christmas cards in 2016 but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a post out in time to share them with you all. My plan is to be much better organised this year and start making our next lot much earlier on, I will keep you updated on the success of that plan later in the year!

So with all the Christmas celebrations well and truly over, the tree taken down (we like to do that early on around here!) and the boxes back up in the loft, our thoughts turn to sending out thank you cards. The possibilities are endless, from simple drawing or painting, potato-printing or collages right through to elaborate 3-D creations, a touch of applique (so keen to try this one out!) or maybe some calligraphy or quilling.

Pteroturtle got a head-start this season and designed his while the rest of us were still making Christmas cards. Last year’s Christmas card from Pteroturtle consisted of a very cute snowman designed in Paint on the computer. This year, for his thank you cards, he has gone a similar route and chosen to design a Christmas tree in Minecraft, complete with sparkly lights – very festive.


Moving away from Christmas themes, Plumblepie and I have been making some sweet little Hama Bead creations to adorn her thank you cards. Such a lovely way to spend some quality time together, keeping our hands busy but our thoughts and conversations free to wander far and wide.



Just got to get them all written and sent now!

Over the last few years we have all been stretching our crafty muscles and I look forward to sharing more glimpses of what we have been creating over the year ahead.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017, enjoy x