sophofbread’s Five Favourite Drinks

Hello all!

sophofbread here with a quick, thirst-inducing post about my five favourite drinks of the moment. It’s summer here so four cold and refreshing drinks and only a single warm and cozy one made it onto my list…

I couldn’t have chosen simpler drinks really! Two you just buy from the shop ready-made, one comes from the tap and the other two contain only three ingredients each. This list is in no particular order.

1) Earl Grey heated milk

‣ Soya Milk

‣ Earl Grey teabag

‣ Ground Cinnamon

I’m not sure what to call this one, I heard about it from one of Sadia’s videos (Pick Up Limes) but I don’t remember which one it was in or what she called it. To make it you simply heat the soya milk and mix it with the teabag and cinnamon. I leave the teabag in for about 5 minutes and then press it against the side of the mug to get as much earl grey flavour in as possible. The amount of cinnamon I put in varies and I never measure it, I just shake it upside down over the milk a few times. This a gorgeous evening drink to have cuddled up in a blanket.

2) Fruit Smoothie/Milkshake/Slushy

‣ Frozen Fruit (I used Co-Op ‘Frozen Summer Fruits’ which is raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants but you can use whatever)

‣ Soya Milk

‣ Chia Seeds

Not sure what to call this one either! It tastes like a smoothie but with a more slushy (thick, icy) consistency but it has milk in so milkshake? Blend together the 3 ingredients, again I don’t measure it out. Because the fruit is frozen the ice creates a really nice thick texture and makes the drink so cold and refreshing. Add as much soya milk as you want, it you don’t want it so thick add more soya milk and less fruit.

3) Innocent Super Smoothie Invigorate: kiwi, lime, matcha, wheatgrass & flax seeds

pteroturtle has loved Innocent smoothies for years but I only recently started trying them and this is by far my favourite flavour so far. It’s sweet, tasty and a perfect summer drink.

4) Pink Grapefruit Juice with bits

If I buy a fresh grapefruit I will often squeeze the juice into a cup so when I discovered they sell grapefruit juice at the shop I was very excited to try it and was not disappointed! This tastes like you’re eating a fresh grapefruit. Yummy.

5) Water

And finally…water! I have been trying to drink more water for years and go through phases of doing well. This summer though it’s going brilliantly so far. I fill up a bottle with tap water then leave it in the fridge so it’s cold. I should really have thought of it before but I drink way more water now I use a bottle rather than a glass. I can take it with me wherever I’m going and always have it on hand when I’m thirsty. I have noticed the healing effects of drinking more water, in the past the sun usually left me feeling sick and tired and (now obviously) I have realised that was because I wasn’t drinking enough water. Multiple days I’ve had a headache only to have it cured by drinking water. I feel less tired and more enthusiastic. Also I love the taste of cold fridge water! *this post is not sponsored by water 😉

Those are my five favourite drinks at the moment. What are yours? Thanks for reading and have a nice day.



Blueberry Muffin……………………….Disaster!

Hello readers! So today I, artybaker, am going to do another post about baking! Yay! Definitely my favourite topic to blog about. Yeah, so I have this book which I call my question book in which I write down all of the questions I ask myself, look up the answers on the internet and write them down (inspired by Do Igloos Have Loos? by Mitchell Symons). Just less than a week ago I was asking myself What’s the difference between a cake and a muffin? So naturally I wrote it down in my question book and went looking for the answer. This was my conclusion:

Cakes and muffins are baked foods and texture and tastes are often quite similar, but what is the real difference between them?

The answer is that muffins are a form of bread, and cakes started out as such but are now so much more altered that they can no longer be counted as one. Cakes are more sweet and unhealthy and are normally eaten as desert whereas muffins are traditionally eaten for breakfast. Cakes are also coated in icing sometimes but muffins are not.

Ok, so anyway the point of me telling you all that was that doing that gave me a craving for muffins and I never make them. I find them pretty tricky and our oven doesn’t cook them very well. But as I say, I got a craving so we bought some blueberries and I found a recipe in one of my books that I hadn’t tried before. I think it’s safe to say that it went very wrong. But hey, I think it’s important that I don’t just write about bakes that went 100% perfectly all the way through – come to think of it that is extremely rare for me; I always seem to have to make some kind of compromise! So this the story:

First off, sophofbread ate a few of the blueberries before hand without knowing I needed them so I only had about 130g instead of the 225g the recipe said I should have. But that was OK because I always think that recipe books put too many blueberries in anyway. So then I started to make the mixture. It was different to any muffin mix I’ve ever made – first you melt the butter and combine in with the rest of the wet ingredients; egg, vanilla extract and milk. Then you combine the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and sugar) and make a well in the centre of them. This is where I slipped up. Uh Oh. I forgot the sugar… After I had added the wet mix to the dry I tasted it. Eww. I was like “Hmm, tastes a little different to the muffins I’ve made before. But I guess it will be alright once it’s cooked.” Then I tried it again and thought that there must have been something missing so I looked at the ingredients list and I realised just in time what was wrong. I decided just to fold in the sugar and hope for the best. I was a little worried that the muffins would be tough because the recipe said they would if over mixed. But no! They tasted really nice! I think they could have done with a few more blueberries but apart from that it was brilliant! Well, the taste was…… As for the look, well….


They sort of rose out of the cases and developed little heads! I don’t know why they did this. I guess they had too much raising agent in them?


Above: The best ones.


Above: One of the worst ones.

Ok, so looking back maybe the word disaster is a bit of an overstatement; I’ve definitely done much worse bakes. I’m not going to give you the recipe for these muffins because it doesn’t belong to me and I think it might need some improvement!

Thanks for reading!