Cleaning coins!

Yesterday, me (artybaker) and pteroturtle polished our 1ps and 2ps with……………. ketchup!! It’s really effective! But I can’t find out why! If you know please tell me in the comments. Thanks! We found out about this method a long time ago but I can’t remember how, today we just thought we would do it again. This is how we got on…….

First, we went on a money hunt around the house, looking for pennies lying around. Then we put them on a tray and spread ketchup over one side of them (well, I did. Pteroturtle thought this part was too gross). Here’s a photo:


You then have to leave them for a couple of minutes and then rinse the ketchup off. When we did this stage it felt like a factory, because I was rinsing the coins then I would pass them to pteroturtle, who would dry them and put them on the side.

Next, you do the same with the other side of the coins and just look at the difference! (left: coin polished with ketchup. right: ordinary coin.)P1060762  Thanks for reading!


Golden Horseshoe

Hello, artybaker here! In our back garden we have had an old rusty horseshoe since we moved into this house. So I took it inside, washed it (with no soap) and painted it with some undercoat – for wood and metal. I later found out that the undercoat wasn’t actually made for bare metals but it worked perfectly fine! Then, when it had dried I painted it with one of my acrylic paints – gold. It’s not actually meant to be used on metal so I had to do a few coats. The thing I love about this art project is that it was made with a genuine horse shoe so is sort of a part of history, and also I have never restored an old object as a piece of art work before so it was a new challenge! Horseshoes are supposed to be lucky so there should be good fortune in store for me perhaps?


‘Balanced-on-your-head’ race!

Hi guys, this is artybaker writing. A few weeks ago me and sophofbread played this cool game….

It’s very simple; it’s a race where you have an object balanced on your head – we used milkshake bottles – and you have to get to the goal (well that’s why it’s called a race!). If your object falls off you have to put it back on – you cannot hold the object on. But we also did a version where it’s a walk and the first person to have their object fall off is the loser. We did it all over the house so we had go up stairs and work our way through our messy room and stuff! It’s a great practice of balance and patience – not to mention really fun!

Thanks for reading!

Hiroshima – the 5 w’s…and a h!


Just wanted to let you know about a cool little activity I did today. It involves taking a historical period (I choose the Hiroshima bomb) and writing the who, what, where, when, why and how. Here’s one I made earlier 😉

hiroshima 5w 1h

You could do more or less info than I included, this is just how much I felt like doing (do I have to say how much I LOVE home education!)

I was thinking after I’d done this, while sitting out in the garden in the glorious sunshine, about what I had learnt or taken from this exercise – why do we even learn about past happenings? they’ve happened so what. And I’ve decided that for 1 it’s extremely interesting to find out what happened before we were born and 2 we should study these things so that we can stop them from happening again. I think that Hiroshima was a good thing in the sense that it ended ww2; who knows how many more people could have died if it wasn’t dropped but when you think about how many people died. Nobody likes war – lets learn from our mistakes and take interest in the past.

Thanks for reading,